Snug as a bug in a Pewter Mug

It’s typical of landlords to pretty much let a white can of paint explode in a house before they rent it out because apparently neutrality is very important. That is to say, white must be the only neutral color ever created. It’s a good thing my favorite color is gray because it’s pretty much the most versatile color out there.


The other good thing, is that my two landlords happen to be my father and my aunt whom are willing to let me decorate the way I would like to decorate. I got clearance from the lords for painting the bedroom and soon enough, Nick and I decided on a warm-ish gray color: Pewter Mug from Behr purchased from Home Depot. The process took a good deal of preparation, ie: taping, drop clothing and obtaining climbing apparatuses but our execution turned out flawless; well flawless with two little gray smudges on the crown moulding (oops)!! Don’t worry, good ol’ daddio had some extra white paint so we were able to fix our boo boo.



Since our arrival in our humble abode, we’ve sort of figured out what color schemes are in the works. Thank God Nick is a very easy going soul and will pretty much agree on any/all decor options I throw his way. Especially for our bedroom- the area we share the most. *Note- Nick’s favorite color is orange. So needless to say he was pretty pumped when I suggested that we use a deeper fall-colored orange as our accent color.


Being an avid Pinterest user, and looker-upper,  I found  a very artistic, simple, piece of artwork that I decided to replicate it using the warm red/orange tones we wanted as a color pop. The original art used blue tones. This took me all of 30 minutes to paint and it only costed $12!


The other thing that I splurged on for our cozy cove was the amazing faux fur shaggy rug, found at HomeGoods. I was so excited to find an 8×10 rug hanging up, It was exactly what I wanted but I needed a little bit of time to think about the money that beautiful rug wanted from me. After about a week or two, I journeyed back with Nick to show him my amazing find, but to my horror, it was no longer hanging gracefully from the rug racks. I couldn’t express my disappointment enough when we paroozed through the ‘small’ rug isle. There it was! Under the fluorescent spot lights laid my (5×7) white faux fur shaggy rug. It was destiny. I didn’t even hesitate; I scooped it up as fast as I could and proudly marched to the register. It was mine!


After our big move, Nick and I sat down and made a list of things that we absolutely needed and things that could come in time. One of the things we decided we didn’t need right away were curtains, especially because we have blinds on all of the windows. After a couple nights and very sunny mornings, we decided curtains were essential to our bedroom. Of course we went with Mecca Orange curtains found at none other than the Holy Grail; HomeGoods. I think Nick and I have been there at least once a week since we’ve moved in.

The last thing we’re working on for our bedroom is a headboard that I’m going to try to construct myself in order to save some $$$. Keep an eye out for that project roundup sometime soon!


Along came a house

Here’s a quick follow-up post about our cute new old apartment. Technically speaking it’s a house, of which we inhabit the first floor.

Anyway, my only counter space in my kitchen happens to be a magnificent hue of RED! So odd, I know, but the nice thing is that I am able to base a lot of my color scheme off this one red counter. These pictures were taken about two weeks before we were getting ready to move in.

We have a back door/entry area on the other side of the kitchen that also connects to a laundry area directly opposite the sink wall. As you might be able to tell we have a stove in the most awkward place, but it does the job! Our beautifully mismatched bathroom is a room that’s just dying to be renovated, but for now, it is what it is. There are actually sliding doors that fit on the tub, and a huge storage cabinet/closet adjacent to the toilet. Our bedroom, bonus room, and living room are all awesome sized rooms and are clad with the biggest windows, which makes for great natural light.

More pics/updates are on their way!



The Big Move

The day has finally come little bloggies! Well it came about two and a half weeks ago when Nick and I got our first apartment!!  We’ve been crazy busy between getting ready to move everything in, actually moving in, and settling everything down.

Here’s a semi-short little back story. My dad’s mother always lived downtown and I distinctly remember growing up in her house, having family dinners in her cramped little kitchen, playing with all the weird trinkets in her living room. My sister and I were always running around rubbing our little feet on the carpet then anxiously touching the fan pulls experiencing the worst but funniest static shock. This was partly our childhood home as much as it was my dad’s and his siblings.

Her house was always a two family house. There was an upstairs apartment and a downstairs apartment. After my grandmother passed we cleaned the house out, did some updating, and rented it out. There were already tenants upstairs, so we rented the first floor to a seemingly nice gentleman. He turned out to be a crazy whose dogs tore up all the carpeting and all the blinds on the windows. He had to go.

The next lady we  got to rent downstairs was also seemingly OK. Turned out she was a worse crazy than the first guy so we had to get rid of her too. The condition the house was in after her and her dog was disgusting. It was actually dirty. Like dog hair to the top of the baseboard dirty. It was definitely in rough shape.

At this point Nick and I were avidly looking for an apartment together, but nothing quite fit the bill. That was until we found a perfect apartment about two blocks over from where we are now. It fit everything we needed and we were so excited about it. The only problem was it was a pinch out of our budget. It was actually pretty depressing. That is, until the night leading up to our meeting with that landlord. My aunt, (who co-owns my grandmother’s house with my dad), called me up and asked if Nick and I could come by because she wanted to chat with us.

She laid it out in black and white for us and asked us to move in. After a couple heart-wrenching days, countless lists of pros and cons, we opted to move into my grandmother’s place. The advantage we had here was that because the place was already my family’s, my aunt and dad didn’t really care when we came and went to get things prepared, or do some improving, etc., etc.. That being said, we decided to make some cosmetic changes to give it a slightly updated look. We painted the master bedroom to make it a little more cozy, painted the inside of the kitchen cabinets since that’s the cool thing to do nowadays, and we put in new shelf liner in the cabinets too.

Among some other minor fixes, we were finally ready to start moving some of our stuff in. This was definitely a process and still is. Nick, being a man, has minimal items so his move was relatively easy. Me, being a woman, I have a plethora of items of which I am still trying to organize. The final tally for rooms we have are:  an entry way/laundry area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, bonus room (but really a second bedroom), living room, and front porch/backyard/basement access.

We’re definitely in love with having our own place! Despite my anal organizational ways, I’m loving the fact that our silverware doesn’t really match, and how we have more beer glasses than regular drinking glasses, and how we were pretty lucky with not having to purchase just about every piece of furniture besides some tables.

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The 5 week challenge: the final round up

The delay from a few blog posts are a result of this incredible news that you can read here!

I completed my 5 week fitness challenge and feel amazing! My total weight loss after 5 full weeks has amounted to 8lbs!!! I honestly couldn’t believe it when I stepped on my scale. I’m pretty happy thinking about the progress I made throughout this challenge. Here are some thoughts, tips, and modifications that I figured out along the way.

* I truly stuck to the ‘diet’ portion of the challenge for the first 2.5 weeks. This was essential to my progress. I made sure I was eating the right types of foods and substituting for healthier options whenever I could. Doing this really helped my body adjust to the lower amount of calories I was taking in, as well as the type of the food I was taking in.

* During week three I was feeling the effects of my sweet tooth wanting to dominate my appetite. Having a sweet tooth in general just is terrible for a ‘diet’. Luckily for me, I was able to incorporate fresh juices into my challenge so I would include more fruits than vegetables in some juices to satisfy that craving as well as fill me up for a meal.

* I incorporated way more cardio into my workouts than I typically would. Now, take this from someone who really just doesn’t enjoy cardio in the slightest. I was able to increase the amount of cardio one work out at a time. These little increases made me feel so much better each time, even if I only ran for 5 extra minutes. Those add up after a while! Try to push it just a little bit more each day.

* The whole purpose of doing this challenge was to be a little more fit for my cousin’s wedding that took place on Block Island. Nick and I wanted to lose 10lbs before the wedding, granted neither of us lost 10lbs by then, but we were on track. At the end of week 4 the wedding took place so I really let go of my challenge that weekend. There was so much food, which was actually pretty healthy and passed my “challenge” mindset standards. The thing that got me was all the boozing. Family + drinking = fiestafiestafiesta!  The consolation for me was that I brought my workout clothes with me and I forced myself to go for a run, which ended up being beautiful run and I felt pretty amazing afterward.

*Finishing up through the last week of my challenge was especially tough. My über awesome gym membership 3-month deal-thing ended on Tuesday and left me high and dry in the work out department for the rest of the week, until I could decide on which gym to go to next. This left me to focus and rely completely on what I was eating, so I made sure to keep it very lean and healthy.

* Something I learned: It’s OK to make modifications to any and all of the foods listed for this challenge. If you prefer tuna to salmon, or chicken to steak, or are allergic to any food items, don’t punish yourself for changing up your meal choices. As long as you log it and keep it within the right means of your own challenge, modifying certain foods will increase your desire to stay on track. ie: I’m not a salmon eater and went out for sushi with Nick so I chose a basic tuna avocado roll instead of going with salmon.

*Something else I learned: don’t kill yourself if you don’t make it to the gym or work out every day. It’s important to let your body rest and really absorb the changes you’re making. I found that if I was particularly not feeling like going to the gym but forced myself anyway, I ended up not having that great of a work out anyway. One thing I would do to avoid this feeling was yoga. It helped in every way it’s supposed to.

All in all, this challenge jump started my desire to keep going with healthy alternatives to my way of life. I have stuck with some changes I made in week one, and I’ve dropped others. I think if I were to do a second 5 week series again, I would ultimately reach my weight goal, but I’m pretty content with where I’ve gotten down to.

If you’re considering doing a challenge, click here to be inspired by the original challenge that inspired me! If you’ve already started a challenge, KEEP IT GOING!



We were hanging on the Block!

This weekend hits the charts as possibly the best end of summer event I’ve ever attended.

Block Island has a special place in my family’s hearts for too many reasons. We vacation there each summer, and so do my cousins and their family. It’s the iconic place where my cousin met her *now husband! Finally after 10 years of being serial monogamists, they decided to tie the knot. Tie it no where else but the place that brought them together in the first place.

It was such a happy occasion that this couldn’t go un-talked about. Though I’m bursting with all the things that need to be talked about, words simply cannot describe how picture perfect this wedding was. It was truly a day meant just for them and all about them.

The 5 week challenge: Week 3 Round up

Sorry this comes a little delayed. I have to admit, week 3 was sort of a cheat week for me. Monday and Tuesday I was lucky enough to find my self in Bostontown with Nick, his two sisters and mother. We got to move his youngest sister into Emerson College!!! It was so much fun to relive the move in time. I now fully understand why parents are so excited about moving their kids into college.

Anyway- because we were there for two days, I had to stray a little bit from my healthy options. Trust, I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I didn’t step on the scale for two days because I was actually nervous to know if it took that big of a toll on my challenge. I was ecstatic when I saw it didn’t! I power housed through the rest of the week at the gym and ended my week with (about) another 1.75lbs down.

I know that when a person works out and has that release of endorphins they’re supposed to feel more positive. I also know that sounds kind of tacky in a weird way but, in all honesty, it really is true. I feel great about this change in my body and I can feel the difference each day. Whether if it’s because I ate something not so great, or if I didn’t make it to the gym, or whatever it may be, I definitely feel it.

If you haven’t been following my 5 week challenge, check it out from the beginning here.

Make sure to check for some yummy recipes up top. Disclaimer- I realize I don’t have many now, but I’m trying to work on it.


You just have to ask, that’s all.

I have had a Remington Wet-to-Strait hair straightener for about 5-ish years now. I absolutely love it. It straightens my hair so nicely without that fried look. Backtracking to about 2 weeks after I first bought the thing, some mechanical thing happened where it wasn’t staying on. I’d turn it on and then 2 seconds later it would shut off. I’d be lucky to get half of my head straightened before giving up and putting my hair in a messy bun. I called the company and they were nice enough to send me a new one. Great customer service. I didn’t have a problem after that.

Just recently, I’d say within the past month, I noticed that one of the hot plates was starting to come loose. It’s not pleasant having your hair get stuck and tightly pulled through the back of the hot plate while trying flat iron it at the same time. So I decided to give Remington a call again. I didn’t have high expectations because the thing is 5 years old so naturally I don’t have a warranty anymore.

A very nice man took my call and listened calmly to my problem as I told him how much I loved this straightener and was wondering if there was anything they could possibly do for me. To my horror, he explained they didn’t carry that model any more but there was a newer ‘soy-infused’ flat iron. It all sounded so nice. He proceeded to ask me for my address information and told me because they “Don’t carry my straightener any more I could cut the cord and dispose of it, and I could expect my new straightener in the mail in 7-10 business days!”

WELL, I could not have been more excited. As I waited anxiously for my new flat iron, I recycled my old one and passed it along to my sister, who already has pin-straight hair but would never pass up a free gift. She loved it. I loved it. We were both happy campers.


Flat Iron



Though that experience happened a few weeks ago, today I had a great experience at Kohl’s. Yesterday I had gone with Nick to find a bow tie for him to wear at my cousin’s upcoming wedding. While we were there, I found a Phillip’s Sonicare electric toothbrush which I had conveniently had a manufacturer’s coupon for $10 off. With a sale price of $49.99 and my coupon, I decided I didn’t really need it. I mean it’s just a toothbrush for Pete’s sake! I walked away empty handed.

That all changed this morning when the Sunday circulars came in the News Times and right there, smack in the center of the Kohl’s flyer was a promotional “Labor Day” deal for $10 off a purchase of $25 or more. I decided I was going to get that toothbrush.

After breakfast, I trekked over to Kohl’s and found the brush. I price checked it just to make sure it was still $49.99 but it came up as $69.99. I was semi-annoyed. I marched to the front of the store, found a manager, told him I was there yesterday to buy it for $49.99 but left my $10 coupon at home. Without any hesitation he jumped right in and said “No problem, we can change it to yesterday’s price for you.” I couldn’t have been more pleased.

At the register, the kind cashier and the manager worked together to get me my price. The next thing I knew, the screen said my total was $20. Then after my Kohl’s promo coupon it was $10. Then after my manufacturer’s coupon it was $0.00!

I honestly couldn’t believe it and couldn’t quite figure out how that worked out, but I didn’t ask. I took my originally priced $100 toothbrush out of Kohl’s for a grand total of NOTHING.


Kohl’s definitely provided excellent customer service and I couldn’t be happier with my two little beauty wins.

If you’ve ever had any shopping wins, comment below!

Love yous!